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Alain wrote:
Le Sepher Yetsirah ou LIvre de la formation est le livre, à mon sens, le plus hermétique de la Qabbale prophétique.
Attribué à Abraham, il aurait été rédugé vers le VIIe siecle post JC.
La Qabbale médiévale et provencale d'Aboulagia en fera son texte phare;
L'ordre de création des Sephiroth suit la Voie de l'Eclair étincelant depuis la première sephira Kether pour aboutir à la dixième Malkut.
Les 22 lettres-nombres relient les Sephiroth au fur et à mesure de leur création pour aboutir aux 32 voies de la Sagesse.
Aleph relie Kether à Hocmah
Beith relie Hocmah à Bina
Donc : Guimel relie Bina à Kether

et ainsi de suite
Your remarks are not off-topic. For the French-challenged I translate:
The Sepher Yetzirah or Book of Formation is, in my opinion, the most hermetic book of the prophetic Qabbalah.
Attributed to Abraham, it would have been reduced to the 7th century CE [Common Era, formerly AD].
The medieval and provencal Qabbalah of Aboulagia [typo for Aboulafia, I think] will make it its flagship text;
The order of creation of the Sephiroth follows the Path of Sparkling Lightning from the first sephira Kether to the tenth Malkut.
The 22 letter-numbers connect the Sephiroth as they progress in their creation, so as to lead to the 32 paths of Wisdom.
Aleph connects Kether to Hocmah
Beith connects Hocmah to Bina
So: Gimel connects Bina to Kether

And so on
The paths you as you describe them are not in the Sefer Yetzirah (SY) - nor in Abulafia or his followers, that I can find. I defy you to find them identified in this way, before the late 16th century . In the SY, the 22 letters are only broken down into "mother letters" for the three elements (SY Short Version Ch. 3), "double letters" for the planets (Ch. 4), and "single letters" (or "elementals", Ch. 5) for the zodiacal signs. In addition, the latter are called "diagonals" (Ch. 5, sect. 1), but in relation to what is not clear.

In that connection, the SY actually contradicts the "paths" you have assigned to the letters Aleph and Gimel. The "paths" from Kether to Hocmah and Kether to Binah are both diagonals on all the "trees", but neither Aleph nor Gimel is assigned to a zodiacal sign in the SY; they are assigned to planets.

Yes, the SY speaks of 32 paths of wisdom. But they are a kind of appendix to the SY, and not related to the 22 letters. The "paths" as letters are only documented much later, first making their appearance in the West, that I can find, with Cordovero, 1587 (the Or Ne'erav, in Hebrew), and even then without having letters assigned to them. Letter assignments didn't happen until some anonymous maker of diagrams added them to a manuscript of Cordovero's Pardes Rimonim of around 1600, held by the Vatican, that Kircher, 1673, would have based his diagram on, at least in part. Even in that manuscript, the "paths" (canali, in Kircher, i.e. "channels," a good translation of Cordovero's Hebrew) don't have the letter assignments you give them: Beth is given to the "path" from Kether to Binah and Gimel to that from Kether to Tiferet. Moreover, those after 10 don't get single-letter assignments at all, but Hebrew two-letter numbers, except the 20th, which is a repetition of Beth (meaning "2") written slightly differently. The single-letter assignments to the remaining 12 letters would seem to be Kircher's innovation.

For the diagram in the Vatican's copy of Cordovero's Pardes Rimonim and its "path" number assignments, see Ross's post at viewtopic.php?p=23539#p23539 and the discussion between us that follows.

Re: Le Tarot arithmologique - la séquence 1+4+7+10 = 22

Well, I m delighted to stand corrected!
This manner of proceeding I had found in
Vedhyas VIRYA, Kabbale et destinée, les cartes initiatiques

It should be available on : ... 7782811807

I haven't the book at hand anymore.
Maybe in a Bibliography does he gives his sources ...
The book is also interesting for tarot reading because of it's dictionnary of Tserouf : combinaisons of two letters - numbers
The dictionary lists the words in modern hebrew where the tserouf appears. ... Biographie

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