Iacopo Bonfadio (1512 - 1550)

A few weeks ago it was found as a riddle ....
A Paolo Panciatico (pseudonym ?) wrote "Al Furfante Re Della Furfantissima Furfanteria" (as a letter ?), printed in a book of 1582. The letter has about 10 pages, "gioco de tarocchi" appears near the end (page 233), starting page is 223.
https://books.google.de/books?id=TrTLZW ... ch&f=false


Andrea Vitali found, that the real author was Iacopo Bonfadio. He announced:

Delle lodi alla Furfanteria
Tarocchi furfanti in un’opera di Iacopo Bonfadio (1538)

quoted from private letter:
I wrote the article “Delle lodi della furfanteria al furfante Re della furfantissima furfanteria eletto”, a work of Iacopo Bonfadio.

Bonfadio was a famous Italian humanist whose importance is due to his letters sent to the Cardinals, powerful men and and other humanists. In the text I have emphasized his feeling of condemnation towards the papal nepotism. The scoundrelism is conceived by him as a practice adopted by all people to succeed in life.

The writing is of a burlesque, basically a satire against the immorality that he highlights enhancing the scoundrelism as a virtue (Satire)

Tarot are considered generated by pleasure and not from scoundrelism by a friend of the author, the famous Annibale Caro (quoted in the text as Modestino) although it is clear that the author considers them scoundrel.
Iacopo Bonfadio

Annibale Caro

Translated from Andrea's text:
Bonfadio died beheaded in 1550 in Genoa following the accusation of sodomy on a complaint of the families Fieschi and Spinola, angry over comments not exactly positive expressed by the writer in his work on the Republic of Genoa. Some believe that the charge of sodomy concealed that of heresy, usually avoided by the Genoese authorities, supported by reports that the Bonfadio had with Camesecchi and with Valdés, both known for their reformist ideas. In vain the greatest intellectuals rallied to save his life; the execution turned out such an act of injustice that still at the end of the eighteenth century the Republic of Genoa was blamed. For this reason, the acts of the process were secretly destroyed.

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