Re: Le Tarot arithmologique - la séquence 1+4+7+10 = 22

SteveM wrote:
15 Feb 2018, 22:43
Hi Huck, welcome back - hope everything OK with you?
Huck wrote:
15 Feb 2018, 22:23

Deletre (very rare name, second most often also in Nord) ... lient=cdip

I wondered if it is a variation of Parisian cardmakers Delaistre -

Delaistre has the most appearances in Aisne in the South of Nord ... also the same region. It looks indeed, as if Delaistre is another writing form of the same name Deletre. ... lient=cdip

Re: Le Tarot arithmologique - la séquence 1+4+7+10 = 22

One should also remember the Virgil Solis cards, which were added to the French Tarot deck of Catelin Geofroy 1557. Virgil Solis used animals as suits. Master PW, who worked also for Maximilian in the years around 1496, used at his round cards also animals. Before Master PW the Master of the playing cards and Master E.S. also had animals. Also there were Hunting decks, all very famous. German playing card history has a lot of animals.

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