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Re: Uncut sheet from Toulouse

Great ! A tarot pack from Toulouse would be an awesome find, but it seems necessary to track this mold. As Ross point out and as the text notes, the letters might indicate a late deck, for instance there's a rounded letter U in the ROI DE COUPE. The King of Coins and the heels below several shoes re...

Re: Sforza Castle cards (huge images, huge download)

Thank you a huge lot for these Robert, I've been wanting to buy Kaplan II for a long while, but always postponed this buying hoping to find a cheaper used copy... I guess I'm not serious enough about tarot history - and actually it's quite cheap so I shouldn't wait any longer. First thing that came ...

Re: The Star

Is "L'Etoile" less common than "Les Etoiles"? The sample here would suggest so, 4 out of 12 have l'etoile. Not quite, on the contrary, I think Huck was asking about the difference between the singular and plural forms, on the page linked here, only one (Jacques Rochias 1782) out of 12 is a plural f...

Re: The Star

Catholic wrote:If so, the original cards belong to the French people.
That's what I keep telling them but they won't let me in !

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