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Re: Germini / Minchiate

Huck wrote:
XVIIII reigns about trumps 40-32
XVIII reigns about trumps 31-22
XVII reigns about trumps 10-15 and 20-22
XVI reigns about trumps 1-9
Hi, Huck. This Thread is incredibly interesting to me! (aka the minchi man...)

But does XVII and XVIII both rule about the number 22? Is this a typo?

Re: The World - Bless my Soul

It is not a "who", it is a "what"-----the Speaking SIlence: (From Book of Ezekiel) 1.4 I saw, and behold a stormy Wind (ruach) came from the north, a great cloud and flashing fire, and a Glow (nogah) round about, and from its midst a vision of the Speaking Silence (Chashmal), in the midst of the fir...

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