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Re: The Popess

The Lybian Sybil looks exactly like the Faith card in the Minchiate, which already has an Empress card; actually it has three "Papi" cards---a few of which resemble the Popesse.

5 of Coins

[I know this is a little late in response, but this post sat in my Drafts for a month (-| ] I actually like the association of the 5 with Lovers, and not only because the Minchiate has the V. Love ;) The fives, for me, can mean "thoughts pertaining to the body." This can be body consciousness or a p...

Re: What is Tarot Art?

There are very few REALITIES in the so-called ArtWorld, but Tarot Art does use the Gestalt principle and each image is really a surreal riddle. I like the idea that each card is itself a little work of art, whether it be called serious, pop, or comic art. But perhaps a very few decks (such as the N...

Re: Cary Sheet again

The Juggler's 'foreign' footwear could have been a deliberate device to paint the figure as a wandering showman , an outsider , someone to not be trusted . The thought that the Bateleur could have been portrayed as the "exotic foreigner" via his clothing had crossed my mind, too. Must be the name, ;)

Decanates and Dignities

Probably not the first one here to notice that column six,The Faces..., of Ptolemy's Tables of Dignities and the decan system of tarot (purportedly from "an old gypsy woman" according to a popular source) have an identical component, but here the planets' faces follow the same order as the decan whe...

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