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Re: Regarding colours

* Good night Enrique ...

- Precisely Jean Noblet is the only that shows the walking stick of LE HERMIT brown.
So not red.

. I know that the palette was very shorter but also too much deliberated and plenty subtlety than the today industrial colours.

Re: LE MAT company

* Just for me is a dog or a fox or a wolf. - I remember Gerard de Sede when in his book " The Gothic mystery " said that there was three level of degrees of stone cutters,the men who build the cathedrals. . From the lowest to the highest : The fox,the wolf and the dog. - Dog in the provençal languag...

LE MAT company

* Times ago Debra explored Vieville deck in an article at ATS.
There she asked about the animal which follows LE MAT.

- It is a dog or cat or a ????
So what is it ?
v-dog-cat.jpg (39.55 KiB) Viewed 5150 times

Re: Regarding colours

* For example,regarding the walking stick of LE HERMIT,I can see that it is red in all the decks except Noblet. - I don t believe that red was the realistic colour depiction. So why it is red ? - Red is also the walking stick of LE MAT - Red in medieval mind was a positive colour,full of energy. Was...

Re: Regarding colours

* It s fine too me also... 1- You said what you wanna. 2- I said also. " Just for me BLACK IS BLACK " . If we will threw each other Dummett evidences,I am lost because I have not your sources my friend ... - i DON T want to be banned again please E.E. ! - I told earlier to RAH ... . And this is the ...

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