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Re: Ace of Dollars

Careful, Prudence. I don't think magic is allowed on this site. :-$ Oh, it's okay, Marcei. Robert knows my tendency to believe and is wholly accepting of it...he even knows about my Vodou altar in my walk-in closet and does not hold that against me. :-$ He only gets annoyed when I try to insist tha...

Re: Popess as Mary

Nice find, jmd!! :ymapplause: I am pleased to be one of the first in the tarot community to see her. Her robes and their colors bring the Papesse to my mind for sure. And that crown. I wonder why such an image of her like this (in the triple crown) would be so rare. Someone ought to let Loredan know...

Re: PM issues

I figured it out, it was just a PM in my box that had been deleted by its sender before I had a chance to open it, so it was showing up as 1 (Unread) Message. Once I deleted it, the notation changed.

PM issues

Pm issues

Why in my "In Box" does it say I have one new message (it is red) but there is no new message at all? I am confused. 8-}

Re: The Devil Stands on...

Thank you for posting the anvil image, jmd and for the explanation about devils and anvils and the connection between them. I am curious about why the Tarot de Marseille devil is a unique image though....and would love to see that expounded on. Do you know another image that looks like it? Erm, I w...

Re: The Devil Stands on...

Would it change the intended meaning of this card if the devil were on an anvil (as opposed to anything else)? ie a devil is a devil is a devil, whether he is standing on a pedestal or an anvil or a hat box full of plague ridden mice. Was the devil associated with anvils or blacksmiths at that time?

Re: Nice place but Crowley's portrait is eyeballing me&giggling

I have been going with tropical but using sidereal (Hindu or Fagan/Bradley) I am still in the 12th house,still Pisces just a few degrees difference though my sun would be in its detriment which I take to mean it would not be in a happy place. (I am assuming you are asking me, not Nicole or Eugim?)

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