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Re: The ‘East’: Ferrara, Venice, Alexandria, and Constantinople

This helps clarify the dispute although gee the tone isn't what one might hope. Leaving aside attribution of motives and snippiness unbecoming discussion in this our elegant Study, it appears that the fundamental disagreement revolves around looking at the order of trumps as a historical "fact/thing...

Re: The World - Bless my Soul

That makes sense to me, Lorredan, but I truly don't know. Thinking and reading about tarot has reinforced my sense that growing up not Christian--and especially not Catholic--I just don't see the same world. Even not having a serious concept of "judgement day" seems to make it harder for me to see t...

Re: Who's in the Chariot?

I'm betting the VB Bacchus charioteer is a man. None of the girls in the deck show bare arms except for the World dancer, and women's arms in these old decks are generally covered by long sleeves. Furthermore, too much leg showing--usually it's only that peep of Strength's ankle we see (excepting th...

Re: Server Issues

"blingy cluster" ???

Good god. No wonder we're in trouble. :shock:

I'll have some punch, yes.

And I think I'll toodle over to the Opium Room, or whatever its called. Wake me when the Rock n Roll comes on.

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