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Re: The Wheel of Fortune

Thanks friend. The finding is from Jan of Fragmentalia. ............ This is a very interesting picture. I think the soup Fortune-Nemesis-divine providence can explain some misterious female in the World of some tarots, as the tarot of Paris. centumfort_03.gif The text said: Fortuna Adrastea. Ineluc...

Re: The Wheel of Fortune

I dont read yet, but sem interesting: The book of fortune : two hundred unpublished drawings. Author: Jehan Cousin , Ludovic Lalanne , Imbert d' Anlezy Literature

Re: The Wheel of Fortune

The minchiate eturia seems to have a rather curious thing sitting on its top (sorry- cannot get the individual pic) it looks like a donkey to me- any ideas? Hello friend, this is an old idea. The theoretical premises are these: a) The wheel symbolizes th...

Re: Shame of Time

Hi friend, the deer is common associated with the Time, probably to symbolize that time passes (run) fast and light.

For example, in this ilustration of Petrarca's Trionfi
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