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Re: d'Artagnan

I read one bock some years ago where said D'Artagnan may be is the Man in the Iron Mask The man with the iron mask was prisoner from 1669 - 1703 (says wikipedia). D'Artagnaon died at the battlefield of Maastricht 1673, so likely till then a public person. This solution seems not probable. As far I ...

Re: The Tower

I think the red clothes symbolizes the fire of God. But I am not sure who is the angel in the Massaccio picture: anonymys angel, Miguel, Uriel... ?

Re: The Hanged Man

I open a new thread about carnival Where? I cant find it. .... I dont remember why, but when I read (many years ago) the Foucault's bock, I dont think the "ship of fools" exists out the literary or picture reality. .... In Italia seem usually use ships (as bucintoro) in the triumphal parades. See, ...

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