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Re: Labarinto

Forgot to say that the name "hoo" reminds me of Sutton Hoo and a study I did of St. Elegius from the Tarot of the Saints using the Merovingian coins they found at Sutton Hoo, some of which were probably made or designed by Elegius. Perhaps the new member hoo is an actual entity released when Sutton ...

Re: Labarinto

- I do have a deep and abiding interest in the Mantegna deck and I look forward to joining in on some of those "lively discussions". I have the modern Llewellyn version and it's a beauty. I have that deck, I credit it for opening the door to the muses for me. And Apollo of course. I think it was my...

Re: "V.T." on Conver Chariot

Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote:all I can say is that since it is not implausible in any way, it is the most plausible solution I know.

I like that!

This thing about sharing plates or buying old ones rings very true for the times. We seem to be the society that discards things, even when new. It wasn't so in those times.

Re: A strange belt

One of the things I find delightful about history is the way names are misspelled or one Arthur is taken for another etc.

That's too bad you can't get the YouTube file for the song Huck--frustrating. It's really beautiful.

Re: A strange belt

Morgana had two sisters ... so tells the story: Morgana, Elaine and Morgause El-aine ... El-eanore Ooooh, now that's interesting. I am skeptical but it's interesting. Whenever I think of Eleanore I think of Katharine Hepburn in the movie The Lion in Winter . What was great about that was Eleanore c...

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