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Re: The World

Not a strong link to The World card, but often mentioned in connection with it.

From An Introduction to a History of Woodcut (Hind), Vol 2:

The precipice... An allusion to the danger/possibly temporary nature of fame?

Re: Strength

Posting this in Strength rather than The Lovers, as the figure with the column seems to link more strongly with the Strength card than Cupid alone does with the Lovers card. Marco wrote (in another thread): Francesco Petrarca wrote:Poco dinanzi a lei vedi Sansone, vie più forte che saggio, che per c...

Re: Samson Woodcut 1560

Marco wrote: PS: is the complete series of these Petrarch engravings available on the internet? Is it God the Father in the upper "lunette"? Thanks for the tercet, Marco! The Petrach image came from An Introduction to the History of Woodcut (Hind, Dover Books edition but first published in 1935). I ...

Re: Samson Woodcut 1560

It seems that a column doesn't have to be broken to indicate Samson. His costume reminds me of the lady on the Mantegna card too. I know most of you have seen all these prints before, but having just looked at the Taschen magician posted by Enrique, perhaps it might be interesting and useful to have...

Re: Samson Woodcut 1560

Thanks marco ( and no need to be sorry!). I can't think of another column breaker either, but the link to the woman with a single column doesn't seem quite strong enough for me - Samson took hold of the two pillars in the centre of the house - one in each hand, and the woman on the Charles V1 card s...

Re: Samson Woodcut 1560

marco wrote: that the allegory of Strength is based on Samson is confirmed by the fact that there is another common version (a woman with a column, in Charles VI for instance) which alludes to the death of Samson. Marco, how can you be sure that the broken column in the Charles V1 alludes to the dea...

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