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Re: The fourth Rosenwald block

There is the point with the "Rosenwald Tarocchi", that the 4 Fante or Jacks look very much like the 4 Fante of Minchiate and the 4 Knights look also like Knights of Minchiate. From there the question exists, if "Rosenwald Tarocchi" is a stupid name, which should be replaced by Rosenwald Minchiate. h...

Re: The fourth Rosenwald block

I gather we have no image of Leinfelden. We had gotten a copy of the Museum material for research, but had no allowance to publish it. It's very much damaged. Search the archive for "Leinfelden". Also search the archive for "Assisi". In Assisi a 48-card deck was found, which was a reduced Rosenwald...

Re: Pratesi on birthtrays, cassoni, Petr. mss. & parades (now 2)

Some theory assumes, that the Cary-Yale had 16 trumps, and 4x16 small arcana (6 courts + 10 numbers for each suit), together a 5x16-deck (that' demands a sort of minimal addition). The Cary-YaleTarocchi fragment has 11 trumps (between them theological virtues, not part of standard Tarot) and as cour...

Re: The Fortune of Francois Isnard: A treasury of innovation -- ... has pictures of the Blanck & Tschann deck

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