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Re: The Judgement

Without going into the cards to Besançon, and beyond the reigning Christian culture & Christian iconography of the French cards, the tarot was historically persecuted by the Christian church, right? Not believe that a relationship exists whereby in the early Italian decks refers to Christ and not in...

Re: The Judgement

Thanks for responding Marco, the representation of Christ on the italian cards was feasible perhaps be created for royalty, however the French cards were pagan and made for the people ... Please correct me if I'm wrong, besides not handle good English, I have no historical knowledge that many of you...

Re: The World

From French Emblems at Glasgow: I do not think there is a strong link, but I see a relationship between this french emblem and the world of Dick Sheet, which also notes a town or village as the center of the action protected by t...

Re: The Judgement

marco wrote: Why do you think that this image gives "extra weight to the argument that it would have been blasphemous to depict Christ on cards"?
Hi Marco, I agree with Pen because these images are contemporary and represent the same as tarot cards and none of them shows the image of Christ.


Re: Regarding colours

Back to color, the problem is that, in fact, the evidence suggest the opposite. No two decks share the same color scheme, and more important, we even find color changes and variations in different editions of the same deck. If we set the context in which these cards were printed, we can see why suc...

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