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Re: Council of Constance

Occasionally in our discussions the personal name "Francus" had appeared. He was - at least in one version - the brother of the British Brutus. Wiki ... ...

Re: Council of Constance

... the first European, also traced back across many generations to Japheth, is referred to in the Historia Brittonum. This Brutus's brothers were Francus, Alamanus and Romanus, also ancestors of significant European nations.[10] Historia Regum Britanniae Geoffrey of Monmouth's account tells much ...

Re: Germini - Florentine-French Trionfi 1506

... origin from Aeneas and his Trojan invaders to Italy. Also the Merovingians were interested to have Trojan ancestors, but their story involved a "Francus" and the Trojan hero Hector, who became part of the neuf preux and also appeared as court card figure in French card decks. ...

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