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Re: That Word Again...Tarot

If you search in old etymological Italian dictionaries, there are other possible origins of the word "tarocchi". 1) From "Taroccare" ( Decorate with a metal punch , as in the Cary-Yale Tarot and other decks) 2) From "Altercare" ( Altercate , Frequent condition when playing) I think these are good hy...

Re: That Word Again...Tarot

Already in 1550 "Tarot" was considered a word with unknown etymology. From Alberto Lollio's "Invettiva contra il Giuoco del Taroco" (Invective against the game of Tarot) (1550) : "E quel nome fantastico e bizzarro di Tarocco, senz'etimologia,..." (" And the great and whimsical name of Tarot, without...

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