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Re: Uncut sheet from Toulouse

In the British Museum: "Late 19th century impression from a woodblock in the collection of M. Baldeirous of Toulouse". I suggest you to compare wit...

Jacquard & Coly

British museum: This is a tarot with some interesting things: -POPE: a flame (?) behind him. -LEMPEREUR and LIMPERATRISE: two headed eagles. -Big Star in LESTOILE l...

Two Minchiates

I'm not sure if this has been posted before. I didn't see any "minchiate" tread in the Exhibition Gallery.

Re: The Star

"Les etoiles" in this 18th tarot from Turin:¤tPage=1&asset_id=...

Re: Sforza Castle cards (huge images, huge download)

Thanks a lot, Robert! Now, this page from the BM has been corrected recently, so I suppose you all didn't see it yet. It's a back card, similar style, but it seems not the same Height and Width.

Re: The Moon

I like a lot this "trioumph" from the Tempio Malatestiano. Waves, the crabe, the buildings in the two sides of the river... :-o


The Cappella dei Pianeti must be awesome. I'd like to be there some day.

Re: Question about 19th century catalog /bibliotheque nationale

I found a Tarot Epinal, which is said to have been a copy of a deck made 1830. But what if Epinal had 1830 an older version, which was copied. The Tarot Epinal falls in the class similar-to-Besancon-Tarot, with Jupiter and Juno.

Re: Bolognese deck from c. 1650

The Sforza Castle's knight of batons and also the Drago have that flower on the front of the horse. From Robert Meiling's article "Hunting the “true” Marseille Tarot"

Re: Tarot de Paris 1559 ...

Hello, The F ante initial has been pointed by Depaulis, this sound undoubtedly like an Italian origin evidence, he also describes the pips as "of Spanish inspiration" (I'd really like to see some more evidences about that last point if anyone has something handy, specifically regarding the four Ace...

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