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Re: Who's in the Chariot?

The Church was also GOOD at co-opting earlier sites, symbols & concepts to suit the needs of the "new faith" e.g. 3hares, greenman, dying & rising gods, the Good Shepard, Madonna & child, the fish symbol[Vesica Pisces], the cross[ankh, tau, Greek] , the sacred meal etc. Mac22 I agree Mac- but I gue...

Re: Who's in the Chariot?

Hi Mac! This is probably not the thread for this- but... What do you think came first? 1.The notion of the game- then get the images for it or 2.Had the images - then made the game? Here is what I mean. I had heard of a card game when I was small (er) called Old Maid- someone at school told me abou...

Re: Who's in the Chariot?

[ Amén! :D The Bible is Tarot’s Little White Book. EE You know, I find this really interesting. I've spent the last five years exploring tarot history with many of you, often almost everyday we've crossed paths and exchanged thoughts. Together we've considered Templars, and Cathars, and Gnostics, a...

Re: Server Issues

James wrote:I've placed lace cookies with fresh homemade jam and double cream on a tray in the Happy Historian Lounge. If you see any representatives from Dreamhost trying to help themselves to any, feel free to shoot them.

Oooooo noshes and target practice :lol:


Re: Nice place but Crowley's portrait is eyeballing me&giggling

Well, I didn't want to be the first to venture in here, so thanks Mac22 for opening the door and taking a peek. Perhaps we should replace this: with this? Or perhaps with the young...

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