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Re: Cartofeminism

I've set some lemonade on the sidetable. Lemonade is a famous tonic for reducing the heat; and it is delightful because it compliments and reduces the bitterness by adding just the right amount of sugar.


Re: The Penis on the Popess

I have been asked to move a section of this thread to a more appropriate area for such discussions. The thread has not been locked, but further discussion of that type (if any) will hopefully continue over there and this thread may return to the subject being discussed, should anyone choose to conti...

The Popess and the Empress

The first four posts of this thread were split out from the Tarot was originally based on the Roman Catholic religion thread Shall we discuss the Popess and the Empress and explore the possibility that they were originally a second Pope and Emperor? I've left some nibblies on the table... http://www...

Re: The ‘East’: Ferrara, Venice, Alexandria, and Constantinople

Apparently, it's been a bit hot in the Study while I was abroad. I've served fresh lemonade, cold cucumber sandwiches, and turned the fans on (you'd think someone would have thought to flip the switch). I've also moved part of this thread on to its own (

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