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Re: Museo Cospiano (1677)

The text: A rough translation, may include errors, corrections and amendments welcome: 5. A bunch [FASCIO], or, as is commonly called, a PACK [MAZZO] of ANCIENT CARDS of a Moral Game, called the Game of the Passions, which are ...

Re: Giovanni dal Ponte (1385-c.1437) & the Rothschild cards

Re" the impressa I attached in an earlier post, I have found some further information:

La Foudre et les chèvres

"Les vaches et les taureaux ne manquent jamais d'être atteints par la foudre quand elle frappe les arbres sous lesquels ils ont cherché un abri pendant l'orage. Si les chèvres, au contraire, se retirent au pied d'un arbre que la foudre va frapper, quelques instans avant qu'elle éclate le troupeau s ...

Re: The strange figures of CY

As we both know trying to correct ocr, h and li are often confused by machines: by humans too it appears! It seems clear to me that it is lialmente - to you it appears as halmente - If lets say we were trying to decipher some English instead of archaic Italian word, and we tried to read a script whi...

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