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Re: Lazzarelli's Tetramorph

And finally we have the Primo Causa. Lazarelli described the "four evangelists" on the outside, and for a second time (after Luna) the illuminator complied with his idea. Moreover, the S-series broke with his E-series predecessor and did the same, giving us the same four creatures in the same four ...

Re: Questions of dating of Payen family card-maker's signs:

Aha! The looped cord with makers initials goes back to the 15th century, at least with the Franco-Spanish suited Aluette decks : here is the Antoine de Logiriera, Toulouse 1484-1512 --

Re: Sola-Busca riddles

I wonder if Panfilo might be related to the Pamphile who appears as the Knave of Clubs on some cards? Here for example from an F Tourcaty deck: ----------...

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