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Re: Aluette

Ah, yes! I have that Grimaud Aluette. It has a folded up sheet for instructions. I bought it when I first got here, 20 years ago, and put it in a drawer.

If I had known of Borvo's book, I might have studied it long ago.

Re: Aluette

Delightful! Learn how to make the "grimaces"! LOL. Those are exactly the kinds of faces you'd expect to be playing the game.

Thanks for making those PDFs - I was really dreading assembling them all page by page. I'm glad you're doing the research.

Re: Aluette

Thanks for these links, Ronan. I find the Vendée site very inconvenient to use. Several times the pages didn't open at all, but they do today. I wish they'd offer a single PDF...

Borvo's book looks great. Affordable too!

Why do think Aluette is a relative of Tarot?

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