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Re: THF Jubilee

It's been a pleasure to keep in touch with so many wonderful people through this forum over the years. Thank you for the knowledge and insights you've shared.

Revisiting Crowley's Thoth

I've been rekindling my affection for the Thoth lately. It's been years since I've sat down with it and had a good conversation and, well, something's changed. I'm relating to it more than I ever have before. I've always loved the artwork, but now I'm finding myself incredibly enamoured with it, I f...


Sorry, would if I could, but can only affect colours and header background for theme variants, and for whatever reason, I can't make the red squares change for the life of me or I would have changed them on the modern page. I even contacted the theme author who sent me some code to try, but sadly, n...


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have limited ability to set some elements for three different themes (main colours and a header image) , so have attempted to approximate the colours from the old forum which you can select from the Theme Variants on the right on the home screen as Tarot Forum Cla...

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