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Re: Le Tarot arithmologique - la séquence 1+4+7+10 = 22

Good very good try Michael. I respect your approach. To answer your question,I think wihout proofs for the moment that the final answer probably is also to be found in the tranmission of Pythagorism applied to harmony from Italia to France ... The Texts about Pytjagorean theory of Celestal Harmonies...

New book about French cartomancy : Le langage des cartes by Alain Bougearel

Re: "Ung jeu de quartes tout fait à personnaiges " 27 février 1451 (D'Agnel, Comptes du Roi René)

Well, I followed the suggestion of Ross and inquired circa de Isabelle de Lorraine death date 1453 ( within more or less 5 years). I also thought about Ferry II de Lorraine de Vaudemont Looking in D'AGNEL's Comptes du Roi René , I did encount...

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