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Re: Aluette

Yeah, the "papies" are probably the main demographic who still play; the latest set of Grimaud aluette cards (the only ones available, in fact) have the instructions for the grimaces written on the cards.

Re: Aluette

Hi Ross, Relative of Tarot in the loose and figurative sense, being a card game, and it is mentioned in the same breath in Rabelais’ Pantagruel , right before “taraux”. Yes, the way the files display on that site is inconvenient, I’ve compiled the articles into PDFs here:

Re: Aluette

Another historical article on Aluette is also online, André Viaud-Grand- Marais, "Un vieux jeu de cartes vendéen : le jeu d'aluette". Revue du Bas-Poitou, 1910, 2° fascicule, pp. 186-200. The article can be found in the second volume for 1910.


Researching a couple of points in Court de Gébelin’s essay which mentioned Aluette, I looked into the literature on the subject, and it may interest some readers to know that the classic studies on this neglected relative of the Tarot are now available online; the two early (and quite lengthy) artic...

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