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Re: Hellmouth on a busy day

Sandy wrote, The most interesting thing about Noblet's card, is the name printed on it: The House of God. Some people don't like to say Hell, or perhaps there was a Christian message that even Hell belonged to the Creator. But neither this, nor any other Tower card, is by any stretch a picture of he...

Re: The three Zodiac cards in Noblet, and the Gemini in books of hours

It would help if you drew a picture of the whole card according to your theory. I have a hard time picturing it in my mind. The head of the hobby-horse and the rest of the banner keep intruding. The shoulder strap seems to be what holds his cloak on, which is flapping in the breeze.

Re: Tarocchi goes west

Sandy wrote, in his first post Perhaps everyone already knows of the two articles by Pratesi, The first of them has the text, or at least the relevant parts of it. Not however, translated into English. I don't have time t...

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