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Egypt in the pre-Gebelin tarot

This thread is intended to be a place explore how Egypt can be found in the historical tarot before de Gebelin in 1781. I seems to me there are two main ways: (1) details in the tarot changed over time, or were selected from earlier imagery to the exclusion of other imagery for the same subject,, in...

Re: Sola-Busca riddles

Thanks for answering my question with your usual erudition (about Haepheston laying a wreath at the tomb of Patroclus, of which I had no idea). So Haepheston parallels Patroclus and Alexander parallels Achilles. On the 2 of Swords, it is an older man and a younger man. That would be Patroclus as old...

Re: Le Tarot arithmologique - la séquence 1+4+7+10 = 22

On Pythagoreanism generally in the 15th-17th centuries, I noticed a very impressive post by John Meador in 2003 or 2004 that deserves not to be lost. It is at This is on p. 2 of the thread

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