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Re: The World

Why thank you, Huck. :)

I don't have too much time these days, but couldn't resist posting here when I came across this one.

PS. Just found a larger one and changed the link in my first post.

Re: The monkey's turban

We spoke about it on the Cary Sheet Again thread - talk of the turban begins at the bottom of the page. The nearest I've found so far is This one , of Molie Ismael, the Moorish Sultan - third image down.

Lollio’s Invettiva

As requested by mikeh. Plenty of Unicorns here... Dummett’s translation of Flavio Alberto Lollio’s (1508 – 1568) Invettiva contra il Giuoco del Taroco, from the last line of p.276 to the last line of p. 297 in the 1550 (1st) edition, from the chapter entitled The Early Italian Game in The Game of Ta...

Re: Plato and Virtue(s)

So I think that tree with human features is not Daphne......but Mendacium (Falsehood has taken root in the garden) ~Lorredan Lorredan, don't you think that the words on the banner make this unlikely? Although they could be said to be ambiguous depending on whose words they are. The other figures se...

Re: Plato and Virtue(s)

The line of the spear plays an important part in composition too, guiding the eye up to the Virtues on their cloud and emphasizing the triangular arrangement of all the figures. Ross wrote: I think Diana is the one dressed in blue. She has a quiver full of arrows too. I don't know who her companion ...

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