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Re: SOS!!!!!!!!!

Hi Steve, hope things are well with you. Photobucket are now charging $$$ for third party hosting and were holding images already stored there to ransom. At first it seems the images disappeared from the buckets/albums, but there was an outcry and they've now been replaced. Unfortunately on blogs an...

Re: SOS!!!!!!!!!

I think I've managed to replace all the broken Photobucket images but please feel free to PM me if you spot one I've missed...


Re: SOS!!!!!!!!!

I was able to download my Photobucket albums with the help of an app from Google Chrome and have uploaded all the tarot-related files to Imgur. It may take me a while to replace all the original images but it'll be worth it to banish those reminders of Photobucket's betrayal of its subscribers and t...

Re: SOS!!!!!!!!!

I haven't visited or posted for far too long and have only just discovered that all my Photobucket images have been replaced with ugly grey graphics. I'd like to go though my posts replacing them (although it may take some time), but which image sites are trustworthy...? After such a dirty trick I'm...

Re: The World

Why thank you, Huck. :)

I don't have too much time these days, but couldn't resist posting here when I came across this one.

PS. Just found a larger one and changed the link in my first post.

Re: The monkey's turban

We spoke about it on the Cary Sheet Again thread - talk of the turban begins at the bottom of the page. The nearest I've found so far is This one , of Molie Ismael, the Moorish Sultan - third image down.

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