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Re: Andre Bertholet et les maîtres cartiers à Grenoble

see Observe the two cards in the upper left corner, very similar to your two cards. I remember, that it seems to have been a custom, that the Jack of clubs had the name of the card maker in som...

Re: Biblical virtues and lights in the sky

Connection between Adam and 6th of April From Ge­denk­tag ka­tho­lisch: 23. Ja­nu­ar, 24. De­zem­ber Ge­denk­tag evan­ge­lisch: 24. De­zem­ber (EKD) 19. De­zem­ber (LCMS) Ge­denk­tag or­tho­dox: vor­letz­ter Sonn­tag im Ad­vent Er­in­ne­rung an d...

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