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Five - Nine - Seven

Three groups. The 21 tarocchi trumps have traditionally been divided into three groups of related cards. Because 21 is one and a half times 14, the number of cards in a Tarocchi suit, it may be tempting to say the 21 trumps are three groups of seven. Many division points have been proposed. I want ...

Nine national galleries

The first link for each insitution takes you to a Google search page, where the hits should be interesting, and further, the words in the search box can be adjusted to narrow to the specific thing you are looking for. So for example clicking on the first link takes you to a Google search page for: i...

Re: Nuts, waffles and aniseed muffins - A slightly better Pratesi trans., I hope.

Ouch! now it's laws in Latin!

Do you have the Italian original of
Declare "without man", "above" or “below”
and shake with longing from head to toes
until it comes, and when it comes you'll see
the funny faces of the pussies that moan.
or indeed of the whole song?

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