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Re: The Hanged Man

While rereading The Golden Bough recently, it struck me that the Hanged Man may be a sacrificed vegetation king/god. Perhaps the wings or feathers are actually the greenery which decorated and identified the victim.

Re: The Hanged Man

as per Politically Incorrect Tarot Readings on facebook:

The Hanged Man
Everything looks cool as shit when you're upside down, but the longer you sit there the worse your headache will be.

Re: The Hermit

If he was an orthodox Jew he would have the prayer scrolls in his tefillin which would be under his hat on his head and we would not see them... the only clue would be perhaps tallit showing below his robes... but then we would have to assume he is a married man and well his wife would probably be u...

VS artist

Moakley said Bembo, Dummett says Zavattari. Both of these books are pretty we know who painted the Visconti Sforza ? I think I missed the meeting while I was off in esoteric land.

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